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Become a cica member

Enjoy all the benefits of being part of Australia's peak body for the crane industry



Look up the status of a Green Sticker

29 Apr 2019

Did you know that you can look up the status of a Green Sticker?

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ICSA Meeting at BAUMA

17 Apr 2019

ICSA is a meeting of international associations representing the crane and rigging industry and crane manufacturers, and its goal is to foster the sharing of information, networking and the harmonisation of industry standards on a global basis.

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CICA SA Awards Gala Dinner and Christmas Function

22 Nov 2019

CICA SA Members. Do you know a Crane Operator, Dogger, Rigger or Trainee who has demonstrated excellent work and outstanding service? Nominate them now for the South Australian 2019 Crane Industry Excellence Awards. It's easy, go to the S.A. page.

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Industry regulated safety standards.

The mobile crane industry initiated a voluntary crane assessment program throughout Australia. Developed in consultation with the mobile crane industry as a whole, the program aims to augment existing safety standards with annual assessments of mobile cranes now being made by CraneSafe (a division of the Crane Industry Council of Australia).

To look up Green Sticker, launch the CraneSafe Website

The standardised VOC assessment tool.

CrewSafe is the standardised VOC assessment tool for the Australian crane industry. We provide machine-specific, impartial, peer assessment with documented evidence of competency.

Launch CrewSafe
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